Our Story

Sunrise over Victoria’s alpine valleys is the slow reveal of snow clad peaks, the sparkle of river water, first light on river red gums, and our healthy cows grazing lush deep pastures.

But it’s more than our beautiful environment that makes our milk unique. We’re proud to be amongst the leading dairy farmers in Australia. Our highest priorities are the care of our animals, our soils and our waterways because these combine to create our great tasting and healthy dairy products. We’re a true cooperative that is run by families. We collaborate, innovate and educate so we can continually improve and strengthen our farms and our community. We want to create a path that our next generation will be proud to follow, ensuring a sustainable future for our farms and the region. And all of this results in milk that captures our love for the land and our determination to bring the best milk to your table. So from us to you, please savour the taste of Australia’s premium milk: Mountain Milk.

What is most important to us

We are passionate about Australian farming families building the future of Agriculture.
We want to welcome you to our farms and show your children where their milk comes from.
We want you to be proud of what we do as farmers.
We want you to know how important your support is to our communities.
We have a commitment to leading practice with both animal care and environmental management.