Milk Supply Arrangements

Mountain Milk Co-operative Supply Agreements  2024/2025


Mountain Milk Co-operative Pty Ltd - Australian Consolidated Milk Pty Ltd

Statement of Circumstances

  1. Members of Mountain Milk Co-operative (MMC) are bound by the MMC Constitution.
  2. Mountain Milk Co-operative (MMC) has entered into a milk supply agreement with Australian Consolidated Milk (ACM) Pty Ltd, which covers the period July 1st 2024 to June 30th 2027.
  3. In order to meet MMC's obligations the Dairy will supply milk to ACM Pty Ltd, on behalf of MMC, as set out in this agreement.
  4. The farm must hold a current food safety license.
  5. The milk collection point must be accessible to a 19 meter B-double tanker as a minimum.
  6. The farm must provide evidence that their milk supply in the previous 12 month period has been of consistently high quality.
  7. Mountain Milk Co-operative not having entered into sufficient milk supply agreements to meet it's current and forecast demand for milk between 1st July 2024 and 30th June 2025.

Price Justification

The Mountain Milk Co-operative price to its members who are supplying ACM Pty Ltd will be determined by the price negotiated with ACM Pty Ltd minus the Mountain Milk Co-operative levy.

Current Agreements


Report on Disputes 

Mountain Milk Co-operative Ltd. has not recorded any disputes regarding the Dairy Code of Conduct in the reporting period. See attached report

Report on Disputes - Mountain Milk Co-operative - May 31st 2024


More Information

A full copy of the Dairy Code of Conduct and FAQ's can be found here, at the ACCC website.