Supporting our community


The dairy industry in Australia is a $13.7million cornerstone of the Australian economy.

For the Alpine Valleys of North East Victoria the industry contributes in excess of $380million annually through direct farm gate income, food processing activity and the contribution from the dairy service sector. This dairy related activity supports over 750 jobs which are critical to the health and vitality of the region and our individual valley communities.

The average dairy farm in Australia turns over close to $2million per annum in wages, services and farm inputs. This makes a significant contribution to our local valley communities. When a dairy farm stops functioning, there is a noticeable impact to the community. 

Mountain Milk farms are invested in ensuring an ongoing legacy of sustainable and effective dairy farming by offering training experiences , support and job opportunities to the next generation of young farmers in the region.

School Programs

We believe that sustainable and positive farming attitudes are developed early in life, and we strongly believe in educating young people in the importance of farming and sustainable food practices.

With the Alpine Valleys Dairy Pathways Program we have developed an activity that allows secondary school students to meet with us on our farms and learn about the industry. Through the program, students gain insight into farming as a career and meet a range of young professionals working in the industry, including farmers, agronomists, natural resource management consultants, laboratory personnel and some of the industry's leading geneticists and scientists.

There is nothing like seeing the light of enthusiasm in young people’s eyes. Growing up in farming towns, it is vital to ensure young people are being exposed to the innovation, energy and opportunities for interesting jobs in the dairy industry. We are proud to have played a role in generating an increased uptake of agricultural science based career choices at Tallangatta High School.